Published Work

My book 'Medical Ethics Education: An Interdisciplinary & Social Theoretical Perspective’ was published in July 2013. The publishers website is here, it is on Amazon here. The publishers have made 'Chapter 2: Sociological Perspectives on Medical Education' freely avaiailbe and you can find it on my page here. Thus far it has been reviewed by on Somatosphere and in the journal Medicine Health Care and Philosophy [paywall]. I understand reviews are forthcoming in the following journals: Sociology of Health and Illness, Ethics and MedicineNursing EthicsWorld Medical & Health Policy and Teaching Philosophy.

A list of my published articles can be found here, whilst details of my PhD are here.

A list of the book reviews I have written is here.

There are a few other miscellaneous - essay reviews or editorials - here. 

Some indication of the work I have in progress, including papers I have under review, can be found here.

I have reviewed articles for: the Sociology of Health and IllnessBioethics; the Journal of Medical Ethics; International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB); Medicine, Healthcare and PhilosophyResearch EthicsInternational Journal of Social Research Methodology; Monash Bioethics Review; and Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Yes, you read that last one right. It was an ethics thing.