Book Chapters

Book Chapters:

Remaking Research Ethics in the Social Science: Anthropological Reflections on a Collaborative Process. In Iphofen, R. (ed). Finding Common Ground Consensus in Research Ethics Across the Social Sciences. Emerald. (Forthcoming 2017) pp 125-150.

Ethos, Eidos, Habitus: The Contribution of Social Theory to Morality and Ethics. In Brand, C. (Eds) ‘Can Psychology Replace Ethics?’ under contract with Springer (2016). 

Challenges to the Dead Donor Rule: Configuring a Biopolitical Response. In Jox, R., Assadi, G., & Marckmann, G. (Eds). ‘Organ Transplantation in Times of Donor Shortage - Interdisciplinary Discussion of Challenges and Solutions.’ Springer 2015.

Essays Republished as Book Chapters: 

Essay Review: Between the Accountable and the Auditable: Ethics and Ethical Governance in the Social Sciences. In Scott-Jones, J. (Ed) Research Ethics in Context (3 Volumes). Sage. This essay originally appeared in: Research Ethics. 2013. 9(4): 175-186.