Work in Progress


I am currently woking on a couple of articles and an edited collection: 

Under Review: Catastrophic Events and Crisis Sedation: Terminological Issues and Ethical Questions. Bioethics. (7,000 words with Gordjin, B.)

Invited Contribution (Submitted): Protection of Human Subjects. In David, M.E. & Amey, M.J. (Eds). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education. Sage. 2019. 

Book: Lead Co-Editor (with Mallia, P., Gordijn, B. & Pistoia, F.) ‘Contemporary European Perspectives on the Ethics of End of Life Care. To appear in the series Philosophy and Medicine, Springer. Manuscript to be submitted in Summer 2018.

Work in Progress: Withdrawing, Withholding and Foregoing. Target: Journal of Medical Ethics (JME).

Work in Progress: Ethos and Eidos: Field-Level Concepts for the Sociology of Morality and the Anthropology of Ethics. Target journal: Social Theory.