Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer Reviewed Articles:   

Many of these articles can be found on my webpage.  

The Deaths of Human Beings. QMJ. 2016; 109(4): 229-230. Available OA:

Limitations in the Bioethical Analysis of Medicalisation: The Case of Love Drugs. Social Theory and Health. 2016: 14(1):109-128.

A sociological analysis of ethical expertise: The case of bioethics. Cogent Social Sciences 2016. pp1-18. Available OA: 

A Socio-logical Analysis of Ethical Expertise: The Case of Medical Ethics. SageOpen. June 2015: 1-22. (Available OA)

Caring for Quality of Care: Symbolic Violence and the Bureaucracies of Audit. BMC Medical Ethics. With: Swinglehurst, D., Maybin, J., Park, S. & Quilligan, S. 2015: 1-12 Whilst published in BMC Medical Ethics this paper was written for a a cross-journal special issue: The Many Meanings of ‘Quality’ in Healthcare: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. See

Reframing Bioethics Education: Lessons from Education, Cognitive Anthropology and Social Theory. The New Bioethics. 2014: 20(2); 186-198.

Bourdieu’s Collective Enterprise of Inculcation: The Moral Socialisation and Ethical Enculturation of Medical Students. British Journal of Sociology of Education. Online First: 

Elective Ventilation and the Politics of Organ Death. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2013: 39(3): 153-157.  

Well-founded social fictions: a defence of the concepts of institutional and familial habitus. British Journal of Sociology of Education. 2013; 34(2): 165-182. (with Ciaran Thomas Burke and Nicola Ingram).

For an Ethnomethodology of Healthcare Ethics. Health Care Analysis. 2013: 21(4): 372-389 

Whatever happened to Medical Politics? Journal of Medical Ethics. 2011; 37(10): 631-636.  Penultimate Draft [.pdf]. I was interviewed about this article by the US based MD Magazine here.

Anti-Theory in Action? Planning for Pandemics, Triage and ICU Or: How not to bite the bullet. Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy. 2011. 14(1): 91-100. Awarded the Young Scholar Essay Prize (2010) from the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare.   Penultimate Draft [.pdf]

Literature, History and the Humanisation of Bioethics. Bioethics. 2011 25(1):112-118. This essay was selected for inclusion in the 25th anniversary issue of Bioethics. Penultimate Draft [.pdf]

Research Ethics Committees: The Business of Medicine and Society. Research Ethics Review. 2009 (5)4:154-156. [.pdf].

On the Ethics Committee: The Expert Member, the Lay Member and the Absentee Ethicist. Research Ethics Review. 2009 (5)1. 9-13. [.pdf]. Dr Parker wrote a response to here, my reply is above.